foot6634645Foot care is important if you have leg artery disease (peripheral arterial disease or PAD).  In PAD, the blood vessels in your limbs become blocked because of hardening of the arteries.  If you have PAD or diabetes, you must pay special attention to your feet because diabetes makes blood vessels more susceptible to hardening of the arteries and nerve damage called neuropathy.  Neuropathy can cause loss of protective feeling, tingling and pain in your feet or weakness of your legs.  Left untreated, blood vessel damage can lead to tissue death, known as gangrene and eventually to amputation.

If you have PAD or diabetes, it is important for you to make special efforts to take care of your feet to make sure that they remain healthy.  You may not have the normal protective sensations in your feet that would ordinarily warn you of injuries to your feet.  You should monitor your feet regularly and protect them from injuries through proper hygiene and injury prevention.  By taking special care of your feet, you can minimize the risk of serious complications.